Retirement Planning

Every retiree needs a plan for creating and sustaining income


say outliving their savings.1


don’t know much about retirement income strategies.1

After working so hard for so long, you shouldn’t have to worry about where your income is coming from in retirement.

Retirement Income Plans

  • Not just for the wealthy
  • The goal is worry-free retirement
  • Insurance vehicles, dividends, and fixed-income investments
  • Design a plan with you in mind

We create opportunities for your long-term growth potential, as well as lifetime income throughout your retirement.

Our retirement planners assess your current and future income to build the budget that suits you and your family best. Once we understand your income needs, we design a custom plan meeting your risk guidelines and investment objectives.

From Now to 100

Our plans cover hypothetical scenarios you might expect from now until your retirement date, then year by year until age 100. This gives our clients added peace of mind knowing what the plan is and how to stay on the path.

Once the plan is in place, we meet quarterly with you to review and make changes if necessary.

Annuity Stress Test

  • Don’t buy an annuity without a stress test
  • Your fees, value, and growth matters
  • Find the best annuity for you

Have you ever stress-tested your annuities? An annuity stress test can help you understand what you’re paying in fees, if you’re getting good value, the type of growth you need, and your potential future growth.

Our tools break down all the complex details of your current policy. We can walk you through the pros and cons to help you better understand things like mortality and expense fees and riders. Once the stress test is completed, one of our retirement income planners can help you understand all your options.

Retirement Income & Financial Planning in Maryland

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