Investment Management

Get the full picture of your investment portfolio.

  • Balancing portfolio investments
  • Creating a budget
  • Aim for growth
  • Get your portfolio retirement-ready

We look at your portfolio’s allocation and strategy, analyze your risk tolerance, and talk about areas of growth to reach your goals.

We have licensed investment management advisors in Maryland equipped to provide advice. We can also develop a plan to minimize taxes and generate a holistic view of your retirement.


S&P500 average 5-year return (3/30/2021)1

Portfolio Fee Analysis

Don’t pay more than necessary.
  • Avoid eroding your nest egg
  • Know your expense ratio and tax cost
  • X-ray fees and set benchmarks
  • Get a professional recommendation

Fees add up. How much are you really paying every year? We can help you find the answer and improve your performance year over year.

Our wealth management and fee analysis tools break down what’s inside your current investments line-by-line. We want you to understand exactly what you are paying in fees. We’ll then offer alternative strategies right for your unique situation.

Cash Management

Your cash needs as much management as your investments.

We know liquidated cash offers benefits investment money doesn’t – protection, 100% liquidity, and comfort.

That’s why we created cash management programs for all the benefits of cash while keeping the money working for you.

Our programs offer:
  • Potential for growth
  • Cash kept accessible for you
  • Money working for you – not holding you back

Investment Management with Maryland Financial Advisors

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